Standard JWT Claims

Identifier (or, name) of the server or system issuing the token. Typically a DNS name, but doesn't have to be.

Date/time when the token was issued. (defaults to now)   

Date/time at which point the token is no longer valid. (defaults to one year from now)   

Intended recipient of this token; can be any string, as long as the other end uses the same string when validating the token. Typically a DNS name.

Identifier (or, name) of the user this token represents.

Additional Claims
Claim Type Value  

Use this section to define 0 or more custom claims for your token. The claim type can be anything, and so can the value.

If recipient of the token is a .NET Framework application, you might want to follow the Microsoft ClaimType names. You can also use the .NET-oriented claim buttons below.


Generated Claim Set (plain text)

This section displays the claims that will be signed and base64-encoded into a complete JSON Web Token.


Signed JSON Web Token